Bell Schedule

Title Time Bell Number Grouping Field
Warning Bell 8:30am 1 Monday-Thursday
Classes Start 8:35am 2 Monday-Thursday
Recess 10:20am 3 Monday-Thursday
Classes Resume 10:40am 4 Monday-Thursday
Lunch 12:00-12:50pm 5 Monday-Thursday
Classes Resume 12:50pm 6 Monday-Thursday
Dismissal 3:00pm 7 Monday-Thursday
Warning Bell 8:30am 1 Friday
Classes Start 8:35am 2 Friday
Recess 10:20am 3 Friday
Classes Resume 10:40am 4 Friday
Dismissal 12:02pm 5 Friday


District Notice

24-25 Operational Plan Feedback

Each year, as part of a continuous improvement cycle, Rocky Mountain School District develops an operational plan that outlines the goals and strategies that will be the focus of the work for the upcoming year. This plan is guided by the current 4-year strategic plan using a variety of student data as the foundation for decision making, schools develop school success plans that identifies targets for improving student learning.

We want to hear your feedback!

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